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Discover Adana

Adana is strategically located at the crossroads of the Middle East and Europe, and is one of the top five economic, social and cultural centers in Turkey. Adana Kebab, which lent the city its fame for centuries, was recently registered as a trademark. In this hospitable southern city, you can enjoy the warm sunshine on the coast at the Flamingo sanctuary in Karatas and refreshing refreshment in the snow-capped highlands of the Taurus Mountains on the same day. Located on both sides of the Sihan River, Adana expands around the Sihan and Chatalan Dam lakes, painted in green and blue, to surprise the first-time visitor or business traveler. The Taurus Mountains provide a great backdrop for the city 
Economic potential

 Two important factors make Adana attractive for investment: low cost of living and easy access to Turkish and international markets with current transportation facilities. The mild climate and rich soil makes Adana "Turkey's bread basket". The city is the marketing and distribution center of an agricultural area producing cotton, wheat, barley, grapes, citrus fruits, olives and tobacco. Its main industries are textile, tanning (leather), wool processing and various foodstuffs With the signing of investments by the power plant between Germany and Turkey, Adana became the fifth largest recipient of foreign investment in 2003, especially in the chemical and food sectors. The 1210 MW coal-fired power plant has been operational for two years. The current strategy of promoting the city to foreign investors is to operate and maintain the country's largest industrial zone, only 20 km from the center of Adana. In the industrial area, there are 225 companies already active, primarily in the textile, heavy industry / metallurgy, food, garment, plastic and machinery sectors.  One of the most important economic developments in this region, along with the whole of Europe and several global energy markets, is the soon-to-be completed Baku Tbilisi Ceyhan oil pipeline, 80% of which passes through Turkey, and ends on the Mediterranean Sea, less than an hour's drive away. From Adana. This pipeline will provide Mediterranean countries and beyond with easy access to the vast Caspian oil and gas reserves. For Adana, the opportunities for the new petrochemical industry in the region are enormous Adana is the strategic location of a future energy center in Europe and the Middle East Local investors, conservatives, representatives of chambers, other NGOs and the University of Shukurova are making clear efforts to ensure that Adana has an important position in research and technology, as well as in economic trade. Shukurova University, which offers one of the strongest medical and agricultural programs in the country, is leading the establishment of an 850,000 square meter technology development zone, in partnership with the city of Adana, chambers of commerce and industry, and 16 private companies, to promote research and development (R&D). City officials also made efforts to make Adana and its region a new destination for the international tourism industry The Chamber of Commerce of Adana, one of the oldest non-governmental organizations in the city, was founded in 1894 - long before the founding of modern Turkey Ataturk - to regulate and monitor the cotton trade. Today, it is an organization that strives to strengthen the regional economic structure and accelerate the accumulation of capital in the region with the Adana Chamber of Industry and the Adana Commodity Exchange. Apart from participating in the European Chambers Development Program of the European Union, it plays a leading role in organizing international exhibitions and forums. The Adana International Forum on Economic Cooperation - which will be held in Adana Hilton from February 22 to 24, 2006 - is an initiative led solely by Turkey, to create new business opportunities between Turkey's business partners and participating countries. In addition to business opportunities, Adana offers a variety of lifestyles for those wishing to live in the city's vitality and the comfort of having high-quality shops, restaurants and sports facilities within walking distance. For those seeking peace and tranquility, there are many suburban villas filled with comfort Since Adana has the largest hospital in southeastern Turkey, as well as many public and private health care facilities, and a strong medical school, it is easy to find high-quality health care. Since English is emphasized in almost all schools from primary to secondary, it is not difficult to find many English-speaking administrators, professionals, secretaries and qualified workers The river walks along the Sihan River as a sanctuary for pedestrians and cyclists, who can cross the river on a series of pedestrian suspension bridges to reach a vast, well-kept green park in the city. Many fish restaurants around the lake offer an alternative to the city's famous kebab restaurants. Nightlife can be the highlight of Adana, if you are looking for quality bars, clubs and restaurants in unexpected corners of the city


City of orange blossoms

Outdoor recreation opportunities in the autumn and spring months - sometimes on warm and bright winter days - are among the best secrets of Adana. The historic Kartepe in Hitet, also famous for its handmade carpets, is just an hour away and is ideal for spring day trips, when the entire area is blessed with citrus flowers. During the summer heat, the highlands of the Taurus Mountains provide comfort and opportunity for some mountain trekking. You can also sail and windsurf on the lake in Karatas. The Mediterranean coast of the coastal towns of Yumurtalk and Karatas has sandy beaches that can be reached within an hour