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Çukurova region is located at the southeastern part of the Mediterranean coast in Turkey. The region is composed of two provinces, Adana in the east and Mersin in the west (TR62 NUTSII). The area of the region is 29515 km2 (14.030 km² Mersin, 15.485 km2 Adana) which is around 3,7% of Turkey’s area. Neighbouring provinces along the northern border from west to east are Karaman, Konya, Nigde and Kayseri. 

Located at the crossroads of Anatolia and Middle East, Çukurova has always been a spot of interest in history, thus home to many significant civilisations.Because of the strategically location between Europa and Middle East, its historical-cultural structure, climatic conditions, wide hinterland and advanced infrastructure, Çukurova is suitable for development.In addition, the region has four universities, research institutes, organized industrial zones, large scale industrial and trade units, technological development zones and free trade zones.

Çukurova Region has a developed transportation network, allowing the employment of various modes of transportation. In the region, transportation  is provided by  highway, airway, railway and seaway.

Highways are the main transportation channels stretching over 2397 km. The main state highway crossing the region connects the Çukurova plain to Central Anatolia through the Cilician Gates (Gülek Pass) and is a part of the European route E 90. Also, Mersin Free zone is connected to Inland and European Countries and to Middle East and Turkic Republics with the land road E-5 highway.

Adana International Airport went to service in 1937 as civil and military  airport. After 1956, it began to use  as only  civil airport  which distance to the city  centre is 3.5 km. Adana International Airport has an annual capacity of 5.000.000 passengers. This airport (2.105.510 m²) is listed among the busiest in Turkey.

Direct flights to countries:

Charter flights: Almost to all of European Countries in summer time.

Railways : 253,5 km railway network constitutes 3% of the total railway network in Turkey (8208,4 km). This railway in the region connecting Çukurova to Central and South Eastern Anatolia is a part of the historical Baghdad Railway. Mersin Port and Adana Organized Industrial Zone have direct  access to the main railway. Also, goods can be easily transferred from Mersin Free Zone to East-West Europe, Middle East Countries by Turkish Republic State Railways (TCDD).

Seaways : There are 9 established port/terminals/wharfs in the region. However, not all of them are in operation recently. BOTAS is used for transferring crude oil. MESBAŞ port, Toros Terminal and  Mersin Port are commercial ports in the region. On the other hand, feasibility studies of Mersin Container Port  Project has been continuing.